I am advocating for the low-income residents at Del Ray Mobile Home Park.

Many fixed income seniors have called Del Ray Mobile Home Park home for many years. They rely on stable, fixed rental rates. They cannot afford higher apartment rent rates as proposed by Larry Foster, owner of Del Ray Park.

Many times, financial decisions minimize or disregard the most vulnerable citizens in our society. The poor, children and senior citizens, who society casts as welding no real power. This is true in what's presently happening at Del Ray Mobile Home Park.

The city of Longview's decision makers need to walk awhile in the shoes of those who will be displaced from their homes. When seniors are asked to suddenly pay higher and higher rent increases, other monthly expenses cannot be paid. Things like food, utilities, transportation expenses and healthcare costs take a backseat for rent.

Seniors at Del Ray should be financially subsidized by Larry Foster and/or the city of Longview during any future transitional housing period.

Joe Hobson


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