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Our past administrations must have been wearing rose-colored glasses that must have been foggy as well. To put it point blank, Russia and China are not our friends.

During President Trump's recent State of the Union address, he commented that "China is now a strategic rival of the United States." Many of our top congressional leaders agree.

China's military and navy could soon challenge the United States across all domains. China's military buildup is very impressive.

By 2020, China will have both the largest navy in the world, and the second most capable far seas navy in the world.

This opinion was expressed during hearings by members of Congress, U.S. military leaders, intelligence chiefs and expert military advisers, that "after decades of failed strategy, the U.S. situation regarding China has now reached a crisis point."

The U.S. must plan and have the resource at the same time and work to prevent it.

We must work together as a whole nation instead of a divided one, and not get caught with our pants down.

Glenda Fittro


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