Letters: Still open

Letters: Still open

I was shocked yesterday (March 17) when I saw how many Longview restaurants were still open for business despite Gov. Jay Inslee's shutdown order.

These businesses will be spreading coronavirus when it hits us, and it's coming, folks. Where is your concern, not only for yourself, but for your fellow man?

The resident and the governors are doing all they can to stop this virus in its tracks, but they can't accomplish it without help from us — you and me. When you're told to shut down businesses where people congregate, you have to bite the bullet and do it or pretty soon, the police will be coming by and closing it for you. Financial aid for you is coming.

And please stop hoarding toilet paper. You can't eat it. You can always use a wash cloth and then wash it.

Be smart, people. In this case, don't do what you want to do. Do what you need to do to survive this. And stay home if you can. Let's fight this together, for each other, not just for yourselves.

Merrylee Lanehart


Editor's note: The statewide ban signed by Gov. Insless limits restaurants to delivery, take out and "grab-and-go" orders only. 

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