Socialism isn’t communism, per se; instead, socialism is the stepping stone to communism. Regardless of its Utopian ideals, both ideologies legitimize theft and discourage innovation. Consider 10 guys in a room where only one worked. The other nine guys say: "That’s not fair," and demand an equal share. After a time, how hard will the tenth guy work? Where’s the incentive? Beyond that, how many millionaires/billionaires would stick around to give their money away? No, socialism and communism are terrifying. Case in point, "the Maduro Diet," snidely named after Venezuela’s socialist president where 75 percent of the population lost 19 pounds in 2016 due to food shortages. And let us not forget the nearly 100 million people who died in the 20th Century under socialism and communism, undoubtedly due to the tyrannical demagogues who squashed opposition and resistance and forced their people to live in squalor while they lived opulently. Always be wary of those who tell you how to live when they don’t do it themselves.

Brian Craft


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