Letters: State action, still

Letters: State action, still


The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives like nothing ever has before. After two months in quarantine, my family is still sticking together following the governor's stay at home order.

Pulling no punches here, I believe President Trump knew that China had lost control of the COVID-19 situation, allowing it to spread to the U.S. After nearly 100,000 deaths nationwide, we are facing a ruthless killer that must be stopped. Trump, with his advisers, waited too long to take action, possibly costing many lives. These "experts" have never faced anything like this before. They simply don't know how to deal with this crisis. Why should we believe them? I trust my doctors and veterinarian more than I do the politicians.

Coronavirus has put every man,woman, and child in America at risk to an invisible enemy. It is time governors of all states take whatever action necessary to protect us from this deadly disease. To reopen the country now would be like committing pandemic suicide.

Rolf Knapp


Editor's note: When the above letter appeared in the May 26 issue of The Daily News, we inadvertently left off Mr. Knapp's name. We apologize for the error.

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