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I recently was amused by The Daily News article re: the Nike/Kaepernick ad. The part I was most amused by was the "sacrifice everything" blurb.

Does anybody believe that Kaepernick, who made millions and millions of dollars playing a game four months a year, "sacrificed everything"? Even now, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars is Nike paying him?

I know an NFL player who did "sacrifice everything" for his country. He made the ultimate sacrifice. His name: Pat Tillman.

Tillman was one of hundreds of thousands of young men, some of them no more than teenagers, who have made that ultimate sacrifice for this country since it was founded 242 years ago. Men and women of all races still are making that sacrifice all over the world so we can enjoy this wonderful life and country in safety.

Anyone who cannot stand at attention for a couple of minutes while our national anthem is played to honor all those fallen heroes can rot in hades.

You've got a problem with how this country is run, take it to the courts, your congress person, or your community. Support the ACLU, the NCAAP, the candidate of your choice or whatever organization that will correct your perceived problems. "Taking a knee" will not solve your issues.

After 60 years of being an NFL fan and 35 years in a fantasy league, I quit the NFL after the first week last year. I haven't missed it.

Howard C. Nagle


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