First let me state that for some 35 years plus I have voted as an independent, I have voted for those on the left and right and in the middle. I now find it almost impossible to vote for anyone on the right.

Those on the right laud a president who lies and just plain makes stuff up as he pleases. He reduces to name calling when anyone disagrees with him and acts like the eighth grade bully we all disliked in school. He has us on the brink of war with Iran after pulling out of a multi-nation agreement because he, the great negotiator, couldn't negotiate anything better. He makes great friends with brutal dictators and autocrats while slapping our allies in the face. 

He creates trade wars and says the countries involved are paying us billions, which we all now know to be false. While the right screamed that Obama put us farther in debt, Trump has increased our debt (which now stands at $22 trillion and counting) by over $3 trillion. 

It seems the right is more interested in party than country, and frankly that goes for those on the left also. I am told through ads and on Fox news that if I vote for a Democrat I'm voting for socialism and it would seem that if I vote for a Republican I'm voting for autocrat. Some choice.

Dale Davis


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