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Letters to the Editor

Solutions welcome

Creative solutions, especially with regard to politics and foreign policy should be welcome. Israel and North Korea share a common world standing, both disregard UN guidelines of behavior. Israel continues to expand and create illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank that it conquered by a preemptive war in 1967 and that occupation is contrary to UN rules. North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and fire missiles, contrary to UN rules. When the world (especially the U.S.) objects to their actions, both react by saying “if you would only give us ____, we’ll stop”

We give, both accept, pause and then resume the behavior. Trump called this extortion by North Korea, so isn’t similar behavior by Israel also extortion?

North Korea is a financial basket case but ignores its people to make armaments. Food and fuel North Korea accepts. Israel has or at least wants the world to believe that it has “the bomb.” Is there a way that these two rogues, beggar nations, can be made to work together, solve some of each’s problems and perhaps save others money and anguish to the peoples that they now terrorize?

Yes, I said terrorize: Roads for Jews only, check stations that allow Israeli soldiers to act arrogantly and arbitrarily, and night invasions of Palestinian homes, fit my definition of injustice if not terrorism, even if the police or military are at work. If Israel is a democracy, it is one akin to South Africa during Apartheid or the U.S. during Jim Crow and before civil rights (and even now imperfectly implemented).

Richard Nau


Mining risks

I don’t want mining pollution in my drinking water! Kelso’s water comes from the Cowlitz River, downstream from the Toutle-Green Rivers. The U.S. Forest Service just issued a draft decision to allow Ascot Resources to begin exploratory drilling right along the headwaters of the Green River. The proposed mine for copper, gold and molybdenum is at Goat Mountain on the northeastern border of the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Once prospecting is finished, it will be difficult to stop a mine itself. But small mines in the area from the early 1900s leak acid mine drainage — a large modern mine could produce much more. Also, the crater is only 12 miles away! Periodically, swarms of small tremors occur and stronger activity is likely over the life of a mine and its tailing pond. A mining accident would be disastrous for our water supply, as the Kelso City Council recognized in a March 2016 resolution. Ask the Forest Service to protect this natural resource by withdrawing the draft decision. Email Charlie Sharp, Cowlitz Ranger District,

Gloria Nichols



I am still upset about events which just happened. This morning, I called the office of Sen. Patty Murray in Washington, D.C. I had two points I wished to make.

Firstly, I encouraged the senator to support the confirmation of Jessie Liu as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. I could tell the staffer was not happy with my request but she remained civil.

Secondly, I denounced the violence which has been taking place in our streets, most recently in Berkeley, California. At that point, the staffer accused me of supporting Nazis. I tried to explain the basics of the right to freedom of speech, as I understand them. I am not an expert on the Constitution but it is my understanding that, within limits established by the courts, you can say vile things and the rest of us are free to tell you you’re full of it. We are not free to attack you because we hate what you say.

I am disenfranchised.

Tom Shofner