In 2019, socialists in the United States hijacked the Democratic Party. In 1919, socialists in Germany hijacked the German Workers' Party. There are some interesting parallels in what is happening in our country and what occurred in Germany in the past.

After losing the election in 1931, the renamed National Socialist German Workers' Party decided to pull out all the stops in their 1932 campaign. They organized thousands of demonstrations, each with the same talking points.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party won the election and once in power, laws and regulations skyrocketed. Safeguards that previously has been built into the German government were eliminated, giving those in power complete control. Yet, there was a continuous flow of good news about the party and constant reminders that anything outside the agenda of the party was bad.

In the closing months of World War II, when Germany was being severely beaten, the German people were still being told about National Socialist German Workers' Party successes. Actual occurrences meant nothing. A promised 1,000-year government that controlled everything had collapsed in 12 years.

The best way to know the future, is to know the past.

Jack Malone


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