When slavery and segregation ended, Democrats became the party of the KKK, voter suppression, lynching and terror. As that era ended, a new system of welfare dependence and machine politics was instituted by the Democrats to keep the descendants of slaves under tight control.

To this day, Democrats are still using racial division to control black citizens. They point the finger at conservatives and Republicans, while liberals are the real racists.

It was Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1963 and the Voting Rights Act of 1964. Republicans have always been the party of individual liberty.

The newest tool of oppression used by liberals is socialism. They promise to solve the problems of their victim classes with free stuff and guaranteed income. What they do not say is that socialism is another form of slavery. It is the road to communism. It is not compassion but subjugation.

The left is worse now than when they were seven years ago. Liberals are now coming out as full blown Marxists. They have one goal — absolute power over everything and everybody. Like the Stalinist she is, AOC recently said, "I'm the boss." That sums up what they want.

Bob Klinefelter


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