My parents, teachers, clergy,and service in the Marine Corps, taught me love of God, family and country and to value honesty, integrity, hard work and respect for others. Sadly, today we have a president who disregards and tramples on each of these foundational values.

Fortunately, one strength of our system of government is the three co-equal branches. The separation of powers was designed as a check against abuses in other branches. Unfortunately, most Congressional Republicans have lost sight of this important responsibility. We in the 3rd District have a representative who has been silent in speaking out against the Trump administration when they say and do things that undermine national security, law enforcement, soil our reputation in the world, paint the press as "Enemy of the People," interfere with the judicial system, and sow seeds of mistrust, hate and divisiveness with Americans and our allies. Our representatives must have the moral courage to rise above party politics and call out bad behaviors and policies. Rep. Herrera-Beutler's silence is indicative that she has chosen party and self above country.

We have an opportunity in November to restore accountability in Washington, D.C. Carolyn Long is running for Congress. This is a critical election, and we need to elect a person who isn't afraid to speak face to face with voters, someone who will work to find bipartisan solutions to our difficult issues and someone who isn't afraid to speak to power. Please join me in supporting Carolyn Long for Congress.

John Melink


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