All employees, with a few exceptions, who work in Washington are entitled to paid sick leave.

As an employee working at minimum wage, I was excited to know when I miss work due to being sick I could count on sick pay.

However, my experience with sick pay has been not so great. I have my documents showing I saw my doctor but because it wasn't dated on the day I called in sick, I didn't receive my sick pay.

I go to the Family Health Center in Kelso and wasn't able to get in that day. I had to wait two days for an appointment. My document didn't state what I saw the doctor for so my document wasn't accepted for my sick pay. I brought in my document showing what my doctor's diagnosis was: diabetes. Still they had a problem with the dates.

I won't use my sick pay again. I thought it was there to help the hard-working people. I guess it just depends on whether your employer decides to accept them or not.

Sarah Welsh


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