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Let me get this straight, it is important for Kalama to build a methanol plant that will add toxic pollution to this area so that China won't have to use coal-powered methanol plants that will add more pollution to the planet (even though a plant here will also add more pollution to the planet)?

It is necessary to build a methanol plant here because of "worldwide demand" for plastic, even though our state is looking to decrease dependence on plastic?

Northwest Innovation Works has mobilized the unions in this area with the promise of 1,000 construction jobs and 200 permanent jobs to run the plant. Will those jobs be union jobs?

"Outsiders" have been responsible for most of the opposition to the plant (although there are many locals who also oppose it). What about the people who support it? Is China an outsider? 

Our property taxes are "likely to drop." That sounds more like a "maybe they will, maybe they won't."

And if for some reason this plant fails, NWIW wants taxpayers to pick up the tab, up to $2 billion.

Have I gotten this straight?

Julie Harrington


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