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NWIW would have us believe their world’s largest methanol refinery is good for the environment because their “clean” methanol from fossil gas is better than “dirty” methanol from fossil coal. We’ve heard this before with MBT coal terminal’s argument their clean coal is better than dirty coal.

NWIW argues further that mitigation of significant adverse impacts from their own millions of tons of greenhouse gases will be achieved by dirty methanol producers being pushed out of the marketplace. The Cowlitz County hearing examiner made mincemeat of reasoning that mitigations of adverse impacts could be achieved by actions of entities over which the applicant has no control when he denied a shoreline permit to MBT, which argued BNSF and other entities might mitigate impacts from rail traffic.

Now is too late and time is too short to believe building new fossil fuel infrastructure and substituting one fossil fuel for another will reduce greenhouse gases currently affecting global climate. This is why major environmental organizations are opposing NWIW Kalama methanol refinery. I know of none supporting it.

Diane Dick


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