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At the corner of Third Avenue and Hudson Street, my elderly friends and I (who am also elderly), have a major safety problem. Many of us cross the street using walkers, crutches, wheelchairs or canes. Even those of us who can walk on our own at a legal crossing and at a legal pace have problems because cars are allowed to cross into that lane and use it at the same time as us!

They are allowed to cross over the top of us! And I do mean over our tops.

One man was killed by a car hitting him recently. I could not believe the poor safety situation at this intersection. I thought Longview was more civilized!

Schoolchildren are given good protection in many areas and it saves many lives.

Why are the elderly made to go forward to a danger zone halfway across the crosswalk? The car was following his green light; the man walking in his green light.

It seems to me that this situation could be solved legally and easily.

Carolyn Hollis


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