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Letters to the Editor

Right time,

right price

Among other things, leadership requires long term thinking. This is true in program design, in the recruitment and hiring of personnel, and in budgeting. It is also true in facilities planning and maintenance.

As we look ahead to the next 30 years, we have examined the functionality and condition of our schools with two fundamental questions: 1) To what degree do they support or inhibit quality instruction, and 2) What is their physical condition? The Facilities Improvement Team, a community stakeholder group, worked alongside architects, engineers and school construction advisors for nearly a year. They visited each of our schools, examining the structures and talking with teachers and support staff about the condition and functionality of their schools.

Using that information, the Facilities Improvement Team developed a proposal for upgrading and rebuilding our schools. We put that proposal out to you, our community, using electronic surveys and community meetings to get input on the initial proposal. That same team took your input and revised the proposal, then asked again for input. The overwhelming theme of the feedback was that the revised proposal is the right proposal.

The revised plan replaces three elementary schools: Wallace, Beacon Hill, and Catlin. It expands classroom capacity to address class size reduction legislation and improves safety and security for children and staff. The plan has upgrades to each of our schools and to our athletic and activities facilities. It improves traffic and parking issues at several of our schools. For more specific details, visit

We strive every day to be the kind of school district that embodies the values and priorities of our community. Key stakeholders have shared that they believe this is the right work, at the right time, and at the right price for taxpayers.

We encourage you to vote by Tuesday, February 13. These are your schools. Your voice matters!

Glenn Gelbrich


Kelso School District

Replace Herrera Beutler

We need to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler, congresswoman from the 3rd Congressional District with Carolyn Long.

Herrera Beutler voted for a tax cut that helps largely big corporations and the highest income households.

The bill offers little to no relief to the middle- and lower-income households. The bill adds $1.5 trillion dollars to the federal deficit over the next 10 years, endangering critical funding to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Herrera Beutler also voted HR 3922, which poses new barriers for families to access affordable healthcare coverage in the private marketplace.

Long believes healthcare is a right, not a privilege for the elite in the United States. Her focus will be on preventive care. She supports mental health parity, fighting to eliminate stigma associated with mental health illnesses.

Check out her website and decide for yourselves.

Carolyn Long for Congress in 2018. You will be glad that you voted for her.

Joseph G. Hobson


Legal tender

I am very disappointed that Wauna Federal Credit Union now launders money for drug (marijuana) dealers.

I don’t care what you users say, marijuana is a gateway drug. Just look at what people in our communities are getting busted for, and ask them what drug they started with to get high.

I talked to the chief executive officer of WFCU and he said it was for safety, (for whom?). Actually, it is money.

Just the other day in Clatskanie, high school kids got busted for smoking pot on school grounds. Where did they get it? Some young people got busted for harder drugs the other day. What did they start out with? Marijuana?

Michael George