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Captive killer whales need between 150 to 300 pounds of food per day. In the wild, killer whales may eat 375 pounds of food per day as they expend a lot more energy swimming around and hunting their food. Orcas rely heavily on King salmon as a staple in their diet.

“Elders still tell stories about the tears tribal fishermen shed as they watched salmon throwing themselves against the newly constructed Grand Coulee Dam, said John Sirois, a coordinator for Upper River Columbia United Tribes. The dam blocked fish runs that once migrated up the Columbia River into Canada, providing a staple food for indigenous people.” “We think 80 years is too long to be without salmon,” Sirois said. “We see it an an environmental justice issue. It’s time to right some of those historic wrongs.” (The Daily News, May 4, 2018).

It’s time to remove the dams. All the people who oppose the removals because of their jobs can find other jobs. The fish have no where else to go. It’s time to remove the dams. All of them. 

Joe Paliani

Ocean Park

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