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Letters to the Editor

Reducing terror

I would like to suggest that for someone to buy a semi-automatic AR15 type weapon they must not only complete the federally-mandated background check, they must also be 21 years old or more. But, and this is a major key point, anyone wishing to join the U.S. military must also be 21 years old. You cannot ask our young adults to defend or die for this country, but take away their natural rights to defend themselves. I want to ask, why do our elite politicians want to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens and taxpayers, but there is no plan to take weapons away from known criminals? The hypocrisy is nauseating.

Stephen Waitkus



Trump’s 2017 accomplishments:

He passed a bill to allow the mentally ill have guns and passed a bill allowing coal companies to dump waste into streams.

According to the Department of Labor, there were fewer jobs added in 2017 than the last six years. And, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) remained at 2.2 where it has been for decades.

Trump slowed the internet and took thousands of acres from public lands.

Although the Iraqi army had pushed ISIS out of most of Iraq by the end of 2016, ISIS has grown and spread in Syria, Yemen and around the world in 2017. Mass shootings and terror attacks in the United States have grown. He pushed racism. The Keystone pipeline leaked 200,000 gallons, which hasn’t been cleaned up. It cost the taxpayers millions of dollars remodeling the White House, which had just been done under President G.W. Bush.

He kicked 13 million people off healthcare. He passed a tax bill for the wealthy.

Ninety-nine percent of Trump’s executive orders are unlawful and meaningless. He claimed he’s updating the nuclear arsenal, but that was started in 2014 and will be complete in 30 years.

Trump golfs, vacations, lies more and works less than any president and has the lowest approval rating of any president in history.

And, the rest of the world hates him, as well.

K.D. Slade


FDR & capitalism

America spends money fighting wars in foreign countries in the name of democracy, trying to create better governments overseas when our own democracy is failing us. Money and large corporations seem to have all the power.

FDR created work for the people by having Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration and Public Works Administration. Capitalism and congress have destroyed most of those programs and all the controls that FDR had in place; Social Security is the only one left and even that is under attack.

We now have big corporations controlling our government and this is enhanced by lobbyists that control our Congress by the supply of money. It is time that the average American became concerned about how our representatives are performing. We need measures to control the wealth of corporations and the top 1 percent. Taxation of the wealthy should be in alignment and on the same scale as what the middle class pays. Limits on campaign spending would also help insure a fair democratic process.

We also need universal health care. It would be nice to have the same health care our congress enjoys.

I am proud to live in America. It would be nice if everyone was fortunate to have a safe and secure home, good health care, a loving family and food on the table every day.

Carl W. Mattila


Step up

Did you see the picture in The Daily News of all the corporate Democrats lined up on the capitol steps? Vote progessive!

George Robertson