Recent proof of Northwest Innovation Works/China's intentions should give pro-refinery people pause, rather than blindly believing the initial claims of lowering greenhouse gas emissions and helping our economy. Forget what you think you know and look at all the facts with a fresh perspective. The potential investor who provided proof of China's intended use for the methanol knew we were told all about plastic and not fuel, and once it's left our shores we'll have no control over what it's used for. Twenty-five of the 26-page presentation was all about methanol for fuel; GHG emissions would be significantly higher than the NWIW-paid EIS reported. The list of cons keeps growing, disproving pros, yet those for the project refuse to believe any proof. What will it take to open eyes to reality? How many lies and myths debunked before they'll finally see the truth? I love Kalama and Cowlitz County, and if this project goes through it'll have disastrous consequences. Come to Camp Kalama May 18, have fun and learn why it's vital it's stopped before it's too late.

Jennifer Vinnard


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