President Trump and many of his followers try to justify their racism by claiming that the people targeted by Trump's racist remarks don't love America and by misquoting them.

What these people really hate is the damage Trump is doing to the America they love. Such as when Trump repealed the law that kept guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, and when Trump repealed the law that kept companies from dumping waste into streams.

Trump has deregulated laws that kept radiation and chemicals out of the air that we breathe. Trump blew up the deficit higher than it's been since World War II to give the wealthy, such as himself, a huge tax cut. Trump is harming America's economy, especially farmers, with his trade war tariffs, which Americans pay.

Manufacturing is lower than it has been in years. Trump has been pushing America toward a war with Iran. And, Trump has lost America's allies who don't trust him and his 10,000 lies.

K.D. Slade


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