For the past 30 years, I have held numerous local elective offices and served the public on many boards and commissions. In those positions I have had my decisions challenged and at times, faced criticism. Those situations are different than the unfounded allegations printed in two letters to the editor over this past weekend.

In response: Reynolds Aluminum was a multi-national corporation based in Richmond, Virginia. As a local plant manager, I had no say in the investment of employee retirement or other benefit money. I left Reynolds 15 years before they were sold to Alcoa.

When I left Weyerhaeuser, I purchased an existing business dredging mill ponds and marinas operating in seven western states. Over a 5-year period, I performed two small repeat jobs for Weyerhaeuser that were originally done by the prior owner. I received no special considerations. I subsequently sold the business to American AllWaste (then called AllWaste), a publicly-held corporation based in Houston, Texas.

As an elected official, I have been required to file financial reports with the Public Disclosure Commission. Unlike the unfounded allegations in the letters, my record is clear: there has never been a question of illegal or unethical behavior in my public or private life.

George Raiter


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