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Letters to the Editor

Racial divide

So taking a knee during the National Anthem is to protest racial inequality in America. What about the NFL itself? What steps are they taking for racial equality? The stats are in and the NFL is 70 percent black. Shouldn’t they shoot for 50/50, equal numbers of black and white players? Not gonna happen. I can see the team meeting with the owners and their black employees. OK, you guys, I have to fire 20 percent of you black players to reach our goal of racial equality. You are going to get your wish and now you can all stand during the anthem. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Bill White


Nothing burger

It still amazes me that many Americans on the right continue to draw all their news from only one fair/balanced news network, and then have the nerve to place blame on their inept lack of proper information on the network news, the printed word, when they could be scanning materials made easily available through the official government agencies. Agencies all now mostly headed by the dear president who they invoke as being treated unfairly. In ‘93, Clinton carried out Bush’s work meant with the disposal of the denuclearization of the legacy of Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev. Having furthered his predecessor’s goals under the START 1 (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), America would send Low Enriched Uranium (LEU), the technology to mix with the weapons-grade or highly enriched uranium (HEU), and America $16 billion. This process would then help Russia turn its uranium into the type needed for its nuclear power plants and help eliminate harmful waste. Later, the Obama administration just sold that 20 percent of the uranium we were mining and selling Russia to them. Another nothing burger!

Richard Booth


Longview leadership

Longview needs steady leadership for growth and prosperity for us all, new jobs, investment in infrastructure, and for balancing wants with needs and preserving but enhancing our community.

Chet Makinster’s background in business management provide the city council the knowledge of knowing true north, how to move forward with determination and commitment and a freedom to fail forward. Chet is a voice for common sense.

Steve Moon is a great council member, he comes prepared, he does his research and he asks difficult questions. Steve is fair, thoughtful and represents our community well with reason.

Mary Alice Wallis will be a great addition to the city council. Mary Alice is a class act, does her homework, and she is genuinely interested in what is best for everyone.

What we have before us is an opportunity for a highly functioning council team to take our community from we can do better to we have never been better before.

Join me in voting for Mary Alice Wallis, Steve Moon and Chet Makinster for the Longview City Council.

Mike Wallin


Hurrah for commissioners

I applaud the county commissioners’ chief of staff hire to run our $200 million county operation. We hire professionals because they are capable, experienced, and good at what they do!

We don’t vote for county commissioners for their management experience. Rather, we elect lay persons from among us common folk citizens of the county — novices to government, not seasoned lifers — to steer our county in the direction we, the body politic, want. We trust them. That’s why they’re in charge.

Consider a courtroom setting. The judge, lawyers, clerks, and even the bailiff are experienced professionals, yet the most important decisions we insist be made by lay persons — the jury, some of whom may be in a courtroom for the first time in their life. We trust those things that matter most to be resolved in the heart and mind of the common citizen. Those things we fundamentally don’t trust in the hands of even the best professionals.

That’s the way we are. I kind of like that system. Hurrah for the county commissioners!

Jerry Cooper


Toledo school board

This is a huge, multi-multi million dollar business transaction. Please, let’s treat it as such! First of all, we have, in the past, passed maintenance levies. How has that money been spent?

This time, before throwing the huge sums of dollars to some contractor as most school districts have done in the past, we should have at least three bids on each phase of repairs. These bids must be published for us to examine and approve before the bid is accepted. If passed, the funds should be placed in an escrow account, then released as each phase has been completed.

Instead of using the kids to pull at the heart strings for the bond issue, we must treat this as a business proposition, which is exactly what it is. A private, qualified business company will be responsible for approving and dispersing the funds and must be bonded and licensed; not a school official or board member. This also applies to funds coming from state or federal grants. The Easter bunny does not give us these grants, but are paid for by the people as taxes!

Jerry Walstad


Waiting in vain?

In Saturday’s newspaper, there was an article concerning low voter turnout. Maybe part of that is the lack of voter’s pamphlet. There are two voting persons in this house. We both received ballots, but neither received a pamphlet. According to your paper, they were sent out Oct. 20 and should be at people’s houses by the 25th. Today, the 28th of October, I went and got one at the library. How many voters are waiting for a pamphlet that may never come?

B.A. Davis


Once and for all

As an Episcopal priest and retired rector at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, my faith calls me to care for creation and love my neighbor as myself. Millennium’s proposed coal export terminal is a direct threat to these religious values, and I was glad to read on Oct. 28 that Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz rejected a request to build Millennium docks on the state’s aquatic land.

I urge the Department of Ecology to deny the Shoreline Substantial Development permit as well. Our city’s health, safety, and economic vitality is at risk from the devastating impacts of 44 million tons of coal. The project’s environmental review clearly finds that this unprecedented amount of coal will irreparably harm Longview and all of the communities along the rail lines. We need to make wise decisions for the future of our city and stop the Millennium coal export project once and for all.

The Rev. Richard Green


Team effort

I am thrilled with the rejuvenation of Longview. It is exciting to see so many small businesses starting up specialty shops, tap rooms, restaurants and more. In my opinion, this is exactly what this city needs to continue its economic growth and to bring new people into our community.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of those people who have made a difference by becoming involved in projects in town. Thank you to Craig Dieffenbach and team for renovating and rescuing our wonderful old Monticello Hotel. They are bringing new life and hope to Longview.

Thanks to Bill Gieger from LaCenter who gave up his Sundays this past summer patiently repainting our faded four “Welcome to Historic Downtown Longview” signs.

Thanks also to Hans Schaufus and his Outdoor Gallery Project team for the wonderful sculptures adorning our downtown area.

I also want to extend my sincere thanks to Mary Jane Melink who is leaving our city council. Her hard work and dedication is appreciated. The citizens of Longview will miss her.

I am optimistic with the new candidates who are running for city council — Dianne Quast, Amber Rosewood and Megan Richie. My hope is that new council members will bring their ideas and energy to ignite our city plans and goals. It is my hope that the city council will continue to address the massive coal train and pollution issues before R.A. Long’s beautiful city is destroyed.

Bill Kasch


If found

Last Memorial Day, I attended three memorials and two restaurants. At one of these places, I mistakenly left my Korea Veteran baseball hat.

It had three medals from the people of South Korea honoring my service as well as my U.S. Army campaign ribbons and badges.

If you have found my hat, please call Bob at 360-425-9615.

Bob Templeton


Balanced news

Re: “Obama re-emerges to campaign” in the Oct. 19 newspaper. Will we only get limited truth mixed with editorial innuendo from the newspaper anymore? The entire article was putting Obama in a positive role, and President Trump in a negative light. Please — let us have some balance in our news.

Paul M. Shannon