Our beautiful community has become a place where only a few people are in control of what does and does not happen.

Unfortunately, that vision of making Longview great again has polluted our local government. We have a block of “squad” incumbents who will out spend and bully their challengers in order to preserve their house of power.

Our City Council offers “quick fix” solutions that do not get to the root cause. For example, their recent stop gap funding for broken sidewalks, pleased many. But the real question we should be asking is, “Why did the council ever let them deteriorate in the first place?” And, “Why the sudden election-season scramble to fix it?”

Meanwhile, they're glossing over their ridiculous water solution that provides overpriced and virtually undrinkable water. For the amount I am paying, it feels I should have liquid gold pouring from my faucet.

Let’s face it, there is a cancer in our community that can only be cured at the ballot box. Join me, and vote for change.

Jennifer Langley


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