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I think we need to stop paying people to play. Instead, let’s put them to work; put yellow vests on them, give them brooms and let them sweep our sidewalks, pick up trash, clean public bathrooms. I would much rather have my taxes pay to keep our community beautiful. Give them a feeling of being someone of value and respect for themselves. We are giving them money anyway, so let them work. They can fill potholes, even. Teach them how. There is so much they could do to benefit our community. Even in the Bible, it says, “you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Stop rewarding people for not working. There are exceptions, but as a rule many of the homeless scam welfare and food stamps by using addresses they don’t live at. Letting someone get $80 of groceries on their card for $40 cash. We have a whole bunch of Peter Pans who don’t want to grow up, work or even “live in a pine box.”

Mae McCoy


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