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My neighbor sent a request to the PUD requesting an explanation of what the $32,000 pay raise for the general manager was based on. I just read the response and it is nothing but mumbo-jumbo nonsense that was hard to even comprehend.

They based it on 12 PUDs but they failed to mention what each general manager made or what their customer base is. I was under the impression that the commissioners were supposed to be working for the ratepayers. That doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance. They use the excuse you have to pay high wages to keep good people.

I hope come election time. the ratepayers of Cowlitz County will remember this action. It's too bad the commissioners are elected for six-year terms. I, personally, would like to see two- to three-year terms and a term limit of two, but that will never happen.

Dolores Hill


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