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I see in The Daily News, our PUD commissioners gave a $32,000 raise to Steve Kern. Why? The raise is more than a lot of citizens in the county make in a year. Because our three commissioners think it's time he was paid more? What a joke. Maybe a 4-5 percent increase would have been sufficient and closer to what he got last year. Is that what everyone else is getting? Mr. Kern might leave and go somewhere else where the pay is better. Go! Mr. Kern knew what the job paid when he took it. If Mr. Kern wants more pay, let him go look. Our PUD management is some of the highest paid people in the county. What about the poor sap trying to pay his power bill now? You think he will ever get a raise close to that?

Our old and new board commissioners are a joke. Everyone I've talked to thinks the commissioners are as crazy as I do. You think this is working in the best interest of the people? I sure can't see where our local PUD has saved any money; it just knows how to spend it. It's not an open checkbook. It's the people's money, not your money. If you would take a vote on the pay raise, you would get a no vote. This is out of control. I wish I didn't have to wait another term to see what a mess you will put us in, in a couple more years.

Come on, people. Call your local commissioner and let them know what you think.

Ev Timmreck


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