John Melink is running for Longview City Council this November. I have known and worked with John for 20 years. Unfortunately, our national and local political discourse has degenerated into candidates and their supporters making false and unsubstantiated claims about their opponents. In John's case, I would like to focus on his experience, skills, and leadership qualities. John served as an officer in the United States Marine Corp for four years. At one point he served with retired General James Mattis. John has a mechanical engineering degree from Marquette University and is a licensed professional engineer. While working at the Wauna Paper Mill for 24 years, John's responsibilities included managing a $15-million dollar capital budget, supervising a staff of 11 engineers and 75 hourly employees, and evaluating and approving construction contracts. Recent departures from the Longview City staff indicate a need for better leadership and team building. John has a proven track record of instilling these qualities wherever he has worked. Join me in supporting and voting for John Melink for Longview City Council.

Doug Campbell


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