There was a law made by our state legislators in 2007 with the help of lobbyists. Unfortunately, this law has allowed property owners and large businesses to charge whatever they want for rent. There are no state or federal regulations which protect the common person. I live in a senior mobile home park and my rent has increased by 50 percent in the past year. There are no laws to keep this from happening again. I assume the owners just want more money. Most working citizens are lucky to get a 3 percent raise every year. How can we afford to pay our rent?

In the laws for manufactured homes, the Legislature said that: Many tenants who reside in manufactured/mobile home communities are low-income households and/or senior citizens and are, therefore, those residents most in need of reasonable security in the siting of their manufactured/mobile homes because of the adverse impacts on the health, safety,and welfare of tenants.

The preservation of manufactured/mobile home communities is a more economical alternative than providing new replacement housing units for tenants who are displaced.

This sounds good on paper, but I wonder what is being done to provide affordable housing in senior mobile home parks and other places in the state and nation. The law that allows for unlimited increases in rent should be eliminated. This is not democratic.

Carl W. Mattila


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