I am a resident of Kalama. I live approximately four miles upriver from where Northwest Innovation Works hopes to build a methanol manufacturing plant. I strongly oppose this project.

As I understand it, its proponents are pitching it as something that will benefit us globally in terms of a cleaner environment with a slowed rise in temperatures.

The project’s proponents are relying on the unproven claim that their untested process of making methanol from gas in Kalama will be cleaner than Chinese plants making methanol from coal.

They also are relying on the assumption that – in exchange for our area taking on this share of the global burden of saving the planet – China will burn less coal to produce methanol there. But, even though the Chinese government is involved in this project – and therefore seemingly could agree to burn less coal as a quid pro quo – no such agreement is on the table.

And, of course, the project’s proponents assume that there will be a market in China for Kalama-produced methanol.

Janine Robben


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