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Letters: Private sector guy

Letters: Private sector guy


I am a private sector guy.

Every government worker/retiree has been making wages through the shutdowns. They shouldn't get $2,000.

Every legislator and senator have as well. I sent this letter to Oregon Senator Merkley and Rep. Bonamici.

"Why should they, their spouses, working or retired be included in this $2,000 give away?

They are costing the rest of us, especially in retirement. They often have Cadillac health plans costing $2,500/month.

If they get a federal, state, county or municipal check, either salary or in retirement, they should be excluded.

Social Security recipients haven't missed a payment either.

The private sector has been forced to sacrifice.

Nuts to that.

Saves $233.6 billion and that might be low.

Like William Proxmire used to say: "A billion here, a billion there; Pretty soon you're talking real money."

How the numbers were arrived at: government employees: $25 million; spouses at 50%: $12.5 million; government public employee retirement recipients 10.2 million, spouses at 50%: 5.1 million; Social Security recipients: $64 million, no spouses on SS recipients added. Total: $116,800,000. x $2,000 = saves $233.6 billion.

The only way I could, on short notice, figure those on government retirement was use Oregon numbers: 4.3 million people/Oregon, 152,000 Oregon PERS recipients, .035 was what I used.

Wayne Mayo

Scappoose, Ore.

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