The Dec. 30 edition of TDN included a couple of wonderfully assembled "Year In Review" sections.

Several events were highlighted with large photos and thorough explanations of the events being portrayed. I looked repeatedly for something addressing the death of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush. I finally found the very small picture and caption practically hidden amongst the pictorial puzzle. The act of minimizing the coverage of the passing of one of our strongest leaders was disgraceful, disrespectful and a huge oversight in the compilation.

Time and space were taken by things as trivial as rural schools and Mexican fiestas, both of which consumed 1/3 of an entire page. Yet when addressing the death of an amazing President, TDN could find only a miniscule 3-by-5-inch slot. This is a sad indication of where TDN's priorities fall, and a slap in the face to those of us who love and respect how the Bush legacy has bettered our country.

Denise Walters


Editor's Note:  Just to clarify, The Year in Review sections included in the Sunday, Dec. 30 issue where produced by the Associated Press and Lee Enterprises (The Daily News' parent company). TDN's staff did not participate in either the selection or placement of any content in these sections. 

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