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Letters to the Editor

Poaching penalty

It is appalling that the (alleged) poachers who apparently were thrilled to stalk and illegally kill wild animals could be given inconsequential jail/prison time and fined a minimal amount. These guys need to be put away for life: at least five years for every offense and fined a minimum of $10,000 for each offense. Those that treat animals so horribly deserve to rot in hell. Once they are released from custody, they could easily change their victims to the abuse of humans. And what will become of those dogs that were trained to be vicious stalkers and killers? This entire situation sickens me. Please lock them up and throw away the key.

Janet Mansfield


Traffic troubles

Your Thursday, Sept 7 editorial from The Columbian and The Seattle Times would be more useful if the editorial had the other newspaper’s email addresses, so that comments could perhaps go to all interested people. TDN’s editorial of Sept. 10 parrots the others.

I drive I-5 weekly on a weekday, and notice the traffic congestion southbound in the morning is no less after crossing the I-5 bridge. The congestion is at the intersection of I-5 and I-405, many miles south of the Columbia River. A problem does exist on I-5 when the bridge opens for a ship passing under the bridge before or during the morning rush. This sounds like an easy fix to me. Stop large ships before or during peak hours.

I do not know the safety of the 1917 or 1958 bridges, but your “most people would agree” is not a safety analysis. I’m sure Washington or Oregon have engineering studies, which TDN did not address.

Extending the MAX over the new bridge would take many cars off the bridge (including me). A large tolled garage could be used for MAX PDX airport parking as the MAX red line goes into the airport, taking cars off the 405 bridge too. Yes, on the MAX line. Madison, Wisconsin had an auto-park garage in the 1950s. You drive in, take a ticket, and the car is automatically parked. It had about 4 floors of cars. These are now built in Germany.

The states of Washington and Oregon do need another crossing, so why not an I-605 starting in the north between Kalama and Longview, passing west of Beaverton (near the Portland MAX system) and connecting to I-5 north of Salem? This would shorten the total miles southbound between Seattle and California, taking much of the truck traffic off I-5 in Portland.

Yes, this would be expensive, but raise the gas tax in both states to $1 per gallon. Adjusting for inflation and the gas mileage of today’s automobiles, we have close to the cheapest operation in history.

If Oregon puts tolls on the I-5 and I-205 bridge, Washington only needs to retaliate with tolls in the opposite direction. Oregon doesn’t seem to want to fix their congestion problem.

David Westerlund


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