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Letters: Party of Trump

Letters: Party of Trump


We have a president who has increased the national debt to more than $5 trillion; abandoned allies on the battlefield; is the antithesis of family values; sides with Vladimir Putin over United States intelligence; fails to provide leadership during a pandemic where more than 212,000 citizens have died and businesses, schools and the economy have been devastated; allowed children to be separated from their parents and put into cages; works to undermine fair elections; and enjoys demeaning, bullying, lying and dividing people.

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, who chose not to vote for him in 2016, says he now has earned her vote in 2020. The party of Lincoln has sadly transformed into the party of Trump. To return to a time where integrity, honesty, decency, honor, courage and trust have meaning, are valued and strived toward, we need to remove from office the people who enable and support President Trump.

I encourage all eligible voters, especially Independents, discouraged Republicans and new voters, to exercise your right to vote and to vote for Joe Biden for president and Carolyn Long for our representative.

John Melink


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