How can Jaime Herrera Beutler claim to be our representative?

She votes against impeachment of the most unethical, immoral, corrupt and dangerously incompetent president we have had since, well, maybe ever.

In 2011, Trump made a televised statement in which he accused President Obama of starting a war with Iran in order to get re-elected. That was a lie on two counts: one, it wasn't true; and, two, Trump said it. Is he doing what he accused President Obama of doing?

Now, Herrera Beutler votes against the war powers act resolution that would make the president obtain approval from Congress before taking further action against Iran.

So my question is: Who exactly is Herrera Beutler representing? Certainly not people who want peace and stability in the world, nor people who want a long-term solution to the climate crisis.

Wayne Winther


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