I've seen the things Spencer Boudreau has done for our community, and I have full faith he has the ability to serve us on our city council. Please join me in supporting Spencer Boudreau so he can push to advance our interests and protect our rights and values for the future. Spencer supports job growth, supports hiring more police officers, and supports fixing our city water. We need his fresh perspective and his community experience. He's been attending city council meetings for almost four years. We need actual experience serving our community. We need candidates that support public safety, and safety improvements. Spencer Boudreau has been a leader in advocating for a safer community, and for that reason, I am voting for him. We need good leaders that will represent our interests, not advocate for higher taxes and handouts. Longview needs positive change, and a fresh perspective. Spencer Boudreau brings just that. Please vote for Spencer and vote for a better, safer, cleaner community.

Patsy Hislop


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