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More carbon dioxide in the air accelerates tree growth to the tune of a per capita U.S. yield of 1,000 pounds of wood substance even after deduction for fires.

Give fossil fuel emitters a 20-year lease on life in exchange for BAT investment in air and water improvements.

3. Matt Ridley of the U.K. recently demonstrated that the earth is reacting as it should to carbon dioxide heating absent all the alarmist fudge factors. Also the earth is visually greening in area nearly double that of the U.S. An obvious boost to trees and food production.

Sea level is not rising at rates different than those experienced over the last 150 years. Ice volume change is not unusual when looking at the entire area. Weather extremes seem more because reporting is more intense.

Polar bears are doing just fine as they were even when people were farming on Greenland.

The reduction in ocean alkalinity is becoming less of a problem as more good science comes forward. Satellite measurements of the earth show the air temperature is dropping rapidly from the 2016 high with September being the lowest in 10 years.

Larry Wilhelmsen


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