As an Oregon resident, having recently reviewed the requirements for applying for a Washington sales tax refund, I have a renewed enthusiasm for NOT buying anything in Washington, if at all possible.

As promised, the Washington State Department of Revenue has provided a means to apply for a refund through an online process. To apply, each receipt must be converted to an electronic copy and sent along with the application. Also, each receipt must be individually listed to include purchase date, purchase location, seller’s name, receipt number, list of items purchased, purchase price (before tax). (https://dor.wa.gov/file-pay-taxes/apply-tax-refund/state-sales-tax-refund-qualified-nonresidents).

It is obvious the system is intentionally designed to make it so difficult that few people will spend the hours necessary to apply for the refund.

Hopefully in the near future, Rainier will have a business boom that will allow local residents to more easily shop on the Oregon side of the river. (Not to mention the large number of Washington residents who cross over to buy less expensive alcohol and tobacco without paying sales tax.)

Jeff Mullins


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