Once again hear from an out of touch government-paid (public) employee on the benefits of the minimum wage increase, and how any business that can’t afford the increase in labor cost was on the verge of going out of business anyway.

And once again, this shows how out of touch all levels of government are with the realities of small business and the general economic environment in rural communities.

Small businesses in rural communities are generally small “mom and pop shops” with few employees. Owners often work 80-plus hours a week just to stay open. They provide the local community with services and products, saving their customers from long trips into the big city, and offer “local” expertise and community involvement. This well-meaning, but ill-conceived, wage hike will lead to increased prices to customers and ultimately closed businesses and reduced choices in the rural communities.

As a result of ill-conceived government involvement in job opportunities, the next generations, and people trying to gain traction in the job market, will grow more dependent on parents and government for their life expenses. 

Mark Smith


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