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Letters to the Editor

Nothing is free

We often see people advocating free syringes, free birth control, free health care, free college etc. Yet, anyone with more than a room temperature IQ knows that nothing is ever really free. It just means someone other than the recipient is paying the cost. Those advocating these “free” things think the government should foot the bill. They ignore the fact that the federal government is currently outspending its revenues by roughly $200 a month for every man woman and child in the country. That spending does nothing to reduce the national debt which factors out to $62,617 per U.S. citizen. Further, this national debt does not include state and local debt, so-called “agency debt” and unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. Couple this with an almost universal opposition to raising any form of taxes and you find we are on a steady course towards financial disaster. We should not ask the government to provide any more free stuff to anyone unless we are willing to pay a lot more in taxes.

Dan Myers


Millennium support

Starting last Thursday, hundreds of supporters turned out to support Millennium Bulk Terminals at its shoreline hearing. It was refreshing to see so many Longview citizens rally around a project that would bring strong economic growth to our community.

Millennium is slated to create hundreds of lasting, family-wage jobs for Cowlitz County. While Longview has experienced some economic progress, this project could provide the extra boost needed to catch up with the rest of the state. The construction trades and business groups all turned out to support the project, which has taken nearly six years to review. I’m all for a thorough examination of the project, but we clearly need a more timely review process.

This project is also important to our trade partners. According to new figures released by the Energy Information Administration, coal exports are expected to climb 37 percent this year compared to 2016, increasing its previous estimates as coal production grows.

I support Millennium and urge approval of the shoreline permits. We need to bring meaningful jobs to our community.

Mike Bridges


Business hours

I find it very frustrating to shop at small businesses on Saturdays when most of them are closed on weekends.

Most of my family works Monday through Friday and when we go to downtown Longview, the signs on the doors say closed Saturday. What is worse is when something breaks and you don’t have a day off until Saturday and the businesses are closed on weekends.

I went to a coffee shop to buy beans and couldn’t because it was now closed on Saturdays. I went there on Friday and when I asked the person behind the counter, she said the construction in downtown Longview killed their weekend business so they can’t afford to stay open for just one or two customers on a Saturday.

OK, I get that. But do something about it. I have a thought here, if you want your business in Longview to succeed, don’t make your customers drive somewhere else to do business.

Stop complaining that your business isn’t doing well due to the economy when your business isn’t open half the time. Look around and see that a competing business (name being withheld) is doing just fine. Why? They are open seven days a week to serve customer needs. I can go there from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. and get a product that I want. In fact, they are growing. If it was really the economy, they first thing that is cut from any budget is a $6 coffee.

Teresa D. Higgins