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There is a lot of talk about impeaching Donald Trump. Republicans are quick to draw comparisons to Bill Clinton’s impeachment and caution Democrats that impeaching Trump could have the same consequences that they suffered following their impeachment of Clinton. They lost seats in the House.

Their comparison does not hold up under scrutiny. Both men are perhaps equally immoral regarding their matrimonial commitments. However, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sex. If Donald Trump is impeached, it will not be for lying about sex, although he is undoubtedly guilty of that. It will be for criminally conspiring with a hostile foreign government to win the election, money laundering for Russian oligarchs, obstruction of justice, campaign finance violations, violating the emoluments clause of the constitution or some combination of these or additional charges.

While Democrats are waiting for the Meuller report to positively affirm these violations or others, there is enough information in the public square to make allegations of these charges virtually certain.

Just remember, one of these impeachments is not like the other.

Dave Van Curen


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