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I was reading TDN last week when I read that Teresa Purcell received a warning for excessive honking to show her support for the teachers striking. In a phone interview she had said, “it was to show support for members of our community trying to get our educators a living wage.”

As far as I understand, teachers last year and this year already received two wage increases. A first-year teacher entry wage is $51,000 for a first-time teacher and $88,000 for one that been a teacher for several years. This does not include any extra benefits. Not to mention they only work nine months out of the year.

I work full time with overtime and don’t make more than $26,000. What about the person working two jobs just to barely making ends meet, and still not able to put food on the table?

Teachers needed to get back to work and stop putting a hardship on the parents and appreciate their wage. I would love to make a teacher's wage because my life would be much easier.

Teresa Purcell maybe you should support those of us who can’t go on a picket line to demand a higher wage. We get what we get and accept it. We also appreciate our jobs and obviously teachers don’t. The strike was all about more money and nothing to do with our children.

Not supportive.

Teresa D. Higgins


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