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Letters to the Editor

Not so trivial

On Saturday, Nov. 4, The Daily News ran glowing op-ed comments regarding Dr. Johnny Delashaw. As a patient of Dr. Delashaw, I could not not write my story. It is a very different story.

About a year ago, I went to Dr. Delashaw for what was to be a very uncomplicated surgical procedure. After surgery I was in horrific pain and very ill.

I had entrusted my life to this surgeon and once I was under anesthesia I was at the mercy of his care. Trust — having the belief in reliability, truth, ability and certainty that I had placed in the hands of Dr. Delashaw and that I was confident I had made the right choice to allow him to be my chosen surgeon.

Dr. Kirkpatrick stated the state actions against him are a travesty especially when the issues are so trivial. Is my life or others so trivial? Does my trust have no value?

Glenna Anderson


Editor’s note: The story in the Nov. 4 issue of The Daily News was a news article, not an op-ed piece, and appeared on page A1 of that day’s printed edition.

Supermajority outdated

Any candidate seeking public office receiving 55 percent of the vote is generally considered to have won by a landslide. That margin of victory however doesn’t quite work for school bond measures in our state, thanks to Article VII, Section 2 of the Washington State Constitution. That provision requires a 60 percent supermajority in order to approve such a bond issue. I’m not sure what the framers of our constitution were so concerned about in adopting such a requirement, but the fact is it’s a relic of the 19th century that flies in the face of what we think of as democracy, i.e. majority rules (except for the popular vote in presidential elections, but that’s another story.)

Let’s all ask our legislators if they support a constitutional amendment removing this 60 percent requirement, and if so, what their strategy is in the upcoming legislative session to place that matter on the ballot so the citizens can decide.

Ken O’Hollaren


Community inventory

It was gratifying to read “It’s a wonderful life” in Sunday’s TDN (Nov. 5). It was a useful attempt to burnish the community’s image and a useful reminder of the community’s many qualitative assets. In my opinion, the article did contain one significant omission. Over the last six years, downtown Longview has acquired an outstanding array of outdoor sculptures. These sculptures add significantly to the visual aesthetics of the downtown area. The accumulation of sculptures is not the result of spontaneous generation but of private fund raising and organizing efforts by Longview Outdoor Gallery and the generosity of the community.

Edward Phillips



Wow, Donna Brazille drops a bombshell against the Democratic National Committee and nothing in The Daily News. The Daily News has not run one story about Hillary Clinton selling uranium to Russia. Open up our paper and there is at least five to seven negative stories against the GOP but nothing about the DNC. I thought our local paper was suppose to be unbiased, but no way. I know I am not the only person that believes The Daily News is only focused on the left. Being a paid subscriber for many years, the paper has gone one-sided and that’s sad.

Jeff Mitchell


Much appreciated

It is a lovely Sunday afternoon. I am sitting by a window watching my yard helper blowing out all my leaves into the street. He does a good job making smooth piles of leaves ready for the city crews who will begin picking them up in November. They are so good to do that every fall. We all appreciate it so much.

Marion Thuma


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