As a resident of Kalama, I am concerned for the health and safety of the citizens in this community from the risks resulting from the proposed largest fracked gas to methanol refinery in the world being built on the shoreline of the Columbia River. 

The erroneous assumption the refinery would somehow benefit the climate and have no adverse impacts is appalling.

The environmental impact statement just released has many glaring omissions, outdated methane leakage rates, the claim of carbon benefits from displacing coal based production, the lack of accuracy, presumptions and glossed over data.

Northwest Innovation Works have become the spin masters with the narrative of this project. The refinery would consume a stunning amount of fracked gas, more than all other Washington industries combined, making it the largest greenhouse gas polluter.

Gov. Inslee announced his opposition against the project in May sending a strong signal against fossil fuels.

I am urging the Washington Department of Ecology to reject the Kalama methanol refinery.

Linda Leonard


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