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Ken Spring was correct in his assessment of Initiative 1639.

I-1639 is promoted by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and is the most restrictive and unconstitutional gun control initiative to come before the voters.

The initiative criminalizes self-defense for any adult younger than 21 years old, and if you apply to purchase a firearm, you consent to a lifetime waiver of your health records privacy.

Adults such as a single mother living alone would be left vulnerable and could be held criminally liable if possessing a means to defend herself.

This initiative also does nothing to help address school safety. And, what is worse is Erin Frasier, candidate for the 19th District House seat, and Carolyn Long, have been endorsed by the AGR and support these proposals.

We need to focus on school safety, but I-1639 does nothing to address the issues. It criminalizes young adults and violates your privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality.

I can't imagine being told I couldn’t protect my family at home. Vote no on I-1639.

Scott Van Sickle

Castle Rock

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