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When Obama was elected president, Republicans didn't riot. Yes there are those did not like him. Obama has created more division in American more than any past president.

Now you have the Trump heaters. Why? Because he is a white conservative Christian, an outsider, who's exposing all of the corruption in Washington D.C. and kicking butt. And just a couple of years ago, Democrats voted to fund a border wall, and now that a Republican is in office, they hate it. Now they won't even negotiate.

Why did Pelosi (with several others from Congress along with 90-plus extended family members) plan a seven-day excursion to Afghanistan and two other countries during the government shutdown when she knew that her security detail wasn't getting paid? All this at taxpayer expense, along with an alcohol bill of over $1,000 per flight, from point to point. This can be verified at the government accounting agency. 

Michael P George


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