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I understand that we all live in "news bubbles," where we only watch sources of news that fit our point of view and that we are "comfortable" with. One integrated form of "balanced" view points is the inclusion of former Bush speechwriter and Trump apologist, Marc A. Thiessen. I understand that if the editorial staff and Thornberry didn't put Thiessen's right wing propaganda garbage in the Daily News, the Daily News would lose 40 percent or more of their readership in our rural area. To balance Thiessen, we get E.J. Dionne and not much else.

This is part of corporate censorship in action. Newspapers are floundering all across the country and if it wasn't for grocery ads and checking the obituary and comics, The Daily News would fold up and all news would be online.

Bring us Eugene Robinson and Amy Goodman. Our First Amendment right is to identify and speak out against corporate bias.

Lee Enterprise Corporation owns The Daily News and many other small town newspapers in the USA. TDNs' publisher is David Thornberry (

Joe Hobson



(Editor's note: Editorial columns appear in The Daily News as per the terms of agreement with The Washington Post. This agreement is limited to specific columnists, and unfortunately does not include either Amy Goodman or Eugene Robinson.

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