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Every time I hear of a new world government or a mention of a new order, I cringe.

Both Democrats and Republicans have proclaimed this openly since the 1990s.

They are pushing their agenda of world socialism as a good thing, by using our own democracy as a tool to divide and stir up the strife in our own country. In which, will make our nation weaker and easier to mold into their agenda.

The very freedoms that so many fought and died for in making our nation so great is being shaken.

We need to take the blinders off and see what happened to other nations that became socialist with the promise it would be best for the people and saying what they liked to hear. Then, after coming into power fund that their freedom of religion, ownership, financial status and etc., was reversed.

Hitler's idea of a new world order was what raised him to power. He believed that by exterminating the Jews and anyone who opposed his agenda had to be removed.

If this should happen again, Christians and Jews who stand for truth and their God will come under persecution.

Glenda Fittro


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