The special investigation by Robert Mueller and the FBI took nearly two years, some 2,800 people were questioned, countless individual investigations and testimonies. Untold millions of dollars of taxpayer money was spent investigating possible Russian collusion with the Trump campain. Conclusion: No collusion.

Now the Democrats no longer trust the Mueller investigation and want to sort through the refuse of the investigation, decomposed rhetoric and innuendos. They believe there is a political pony that they can ride into the 2020 election. 

The Mueller report accomplished it's assigned mission and found no evidence of collusion. Get over it and move on.

If the Democrats want to continue their venue, they should rent a tent, schedule a series of shows around the country during the summer congressional recess. All on their own time and expense. 

It would be far more enteraining if the Democrats to get over it and actually do what they are supposed to be doing. Working together with the Republicans solving national problems like immigration, national security and health care.

Kelly C. Niemi


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