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Intentionally, Mother Nature is shoved aside and humans install themselves in her place. The "Holocene," the most recent geological age, has given way to the "Antropocene" — named for the species that is busy converting every part of the planet into raw ingredients for a vast economic system.

We've left our fingerprints on every inch of the planet and somewhere between a quarter and a third of the net primary productivity today is devoted to sustaining one species — us. So much energy is devoted to satisfying our immediate desires that we keep wanting more and more but at the same time as all of this want, we are against the methanol plant being built in Kalama, or for that matter built anywhere. People whine about all of the plastic the methanol will be used to create that is damaging our world but at the same time they want the latest iPhone or iPad ... I want, more and more.

David Fossati


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