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We are missing the point of recycling in Longview and Cowlitz County. The primary point of recycling is to keep from filling the earth with garbage, not to make money. It’s fine that a secondary benefit can be selling recyclables as a commodity. But judging the success of recycling with profit and loss is a mistake. Ratepayers, as citizens are labeled, must accept the responsibility of paying the cost of recycling. Waste managing companies as Waste Control contract with municipalities to do the job. Cowlitz County and the City of Longview are responsible for holding Waste Control accountable to recycle all recyclables. Despite broken glass and unprofitable plastic, collecting all recyclable material is the point. Profit and loss of Waste Control should be transparent and monitored by contract by county and city government. Following, we responsible citizens, as ratepayers, must foot the bill.

In our current situation, I see Waste Control as well as our county and city governments dropping the ball on recycling. Please let Ken Young at Waste Control, Gregg Hannon at the City of Longview, and our county commissioners know how you feel about this. Save the earth.

Steve Anglin

Castle Rock

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